Our Staff

Photo of Claudia

Claudia Dubeau

Claudia Dubeau is a native of Otter Lake, and is well known in the region. She returned to working at the Pontiac Chiropractic clinic in April of 2016. We are so thankful to have Claudia back as part of our team! Claudia works one day a week and sometimes more when we need an extra set of hands!


Photo of Ginger

Ginger Finan

Ginger Finan was born and raised in Clarendon and has years of experience working in chiropractic clinics. After receiving her college certificate as a Chiropractic Office Assistant, she began working as an assistant in 1998. After working in varying administrative positions, Ginger returned to the Pontiac Chiropractic clinic in March of 2016, to work with Dre Gagnon once again. Ginger also owns and operates her own business, teaching horseback riding lessons at GELAM Riding Stable. Ginger works at the clinic 4 days a week in order to also offer riding lessons 2 evenings a week as well as the weekends..