Thank you Dr. Gagnon! After only my fifth adjustment by you I no longer have the chronic numbness and weakness in my right arm. This had plagued me for over five years and the specialists said it was the beginning of carpal tunnel syndrome. It got to the point where I could hardly hold a brush, pen or needle for more than a few minutes and I never had a full night’s sleep. Splints, acupuncture and other chiropractic methods did nothing to alleviate the situation. You, however, found a “rib out of place”. The results were dramatic. I now have full use of my arm and the discomfort is gone.

Nancy Hunt

Pontiac Chiropractic Clinic – has moved - Congratulations! A beautiful, bright and cheerful space. Very welcoming and obviously it will be a great place for you, your assistant and us, all your clients to meet and work in. Well done! You rock! Wish you and your team every success! P.S. Love your colour choice!

Katharine Fletcher

Thanks for your patience and assistance. Knock on wood!!! You have helped me a great deal during the 2 years that I have been coming to you. Good luck at your new location.

Elaine (Henri)

Congratulations – You’re really a great doctor.

Ina Kilgour

Of course Trevor and I love your new location and are very pleased for you. How fortunate for us that you are here. We sure appreciate you!

Suzanne and Trevor Howard

Nice office and great service. Congratulations and much success.

Brian Ostrom

As good as I am and feel today - I have not felt since 1,5 years ≈ 18 months and you did it in a few weeks time. Thanks a million.


Hi! Thank you, my mom’s back is feeling very good. I hope Alix is feeling good to, my mom loves the chiropratique. I hope you have a good day!!


Dr Gagnon had me walking again after 4 days of not being able to move. Amazing, thank you so much. Keep up the great work!