Your First Visit

A chiropractor is a primary care health professional, which means you do not need to be referred by your medical doctor for a consultation.

For a chiropractor, the first consultation is not done in minutes! The initial examination normally lasts 1 hour.

In order to help you improve your condition as best she can, Doctor Gagnon must first establish your chiropractic diagnosis. To do so, she must perform a case history, a study of the status of your current health and past health history: surgery, diseases, events, pregnancy, drugs, accidents, family history, etc.

With these answers, the chiropractor will have a better idea of the necessary examinations. If you have results of previous examinations, they will also be useful to better understand your health.

The chiropractor will do a thorough chiropractic examination to determine the presence of subluxations, which could have a negative impact on your health status. The detection of vertebral subluxations is usually done by manual palpation of each vertebrae of your spine on a chiropractic table.

It may happen that Doctor Gagnon decides to take X-rays of your spine or any other joint to assist in her diagnosis. Before taking x-rays, she will explain the process and answer all your questions.

Next visit...

After the analysis of all test results, Doctor Gagnon will make her chiropractic diagnosis. Depending on your condition, it will indicate whether chiropractic care will be useful in your case or whether it would be best to refer you to another health professional. If chiropractic can help you, she will recommend a program of chiropractic care specifically related to your condition and your well-being.

Take time to discuss with your chiropractor this program of care in order to understand its importance. Never hesitate to ask any questions you feel are necessary, either to clarify the diagnosis, procedures or techniques or to understand the evolution of your care.

At any point, you can get a copy of your file. Your chiropractor is a professional partner concerning your health. Obviously, it is important to follow her advice and recommendations to recover faster or maintain your health at its maximum level.