To assess your health condition, Dr. Gagnon has various devices or instruments. You've probably seen some of these instruments, such as a sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure or a hammer-reflex to assess your reflexes.

The choice of instruments depends on your health condition and functions that she considers important to evaluate. Before performing a test with an instrument, we will explain what we will do to avoid surprises on your part.

The use of device or instrument can be whatever the nature of the physical examination (orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic).

Dr. Gagnon is also trained and licensed to perform and analyze x-rays.

A device called “activator” is frequently used to make the adjustment, especially when you do not want it to “crack”. This instrument is equipped with a spring and gives excellent results.

Our newest tool called “Impulse iQ” is frequently used to make the adjustment. Very similar to the activator, the iQ has a high-tech sensor that provides information from your body's response to chiropractic adjustments to a micro-computer inside to give the doctor feedback about your results.

The electrotherapy and ultrasound are other tools that can be used.

Electrotherapy is electric current that relieves pain. This approach is particularly indicated for muscle spasms and pain of the sciatic nerve. Ultrasound consists of sound waves that are used to accelerate tissue healing and reduce swelling, pain or muscle spasms. We often use this method to support the care related to cases of bursitis, tendonitis, sprains, plantar fasciitis (bone spurs), carpal tunnel syndrome and many others. The ultrasonic treatment is painless, safe and effective. Electrotherapy and ultrasound are often a great alternative to taking medication when the pain is difficult to control.

The “gait scan” is another tool used at the Pontiac Chiropractic Clinic to determine the way a patient walks. An image of the feet in three dimensions appears on the computer and allows us to assess whether the patient is in need of custom made orthotics.


Radiology is a well-known diagnostic tool. With this technology, we can see the bones and joints and their relationship to each other. Following the interview and physical examination with a patient, radiology allows us to direct our diagnosis and our plan of care. Radiology is also very important in the elimination of certain diagnoses that represent an indication against chiropractic care and require a reference to another health professional.

The Pontiac Chiropractic Clinic offers its patients radiology services directly in the clinic in Mansfield. This allows us to instantly take and analyze the x-rays to quickly begin care.

It is important to note that the taking of radiographs depends on the patient’s specific needs. Children and pregnant women are not normally subject to X-ray examinations.